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Re: Hi, I'm new here...

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999, John Halliday wrote:

> My name is John and I live in Calgary, Canada.

QaleghneS, John. :>

  But enough about me.  I
> am attempting to embark on a project to translate human colloquialisms
> into the tlhingan Hol. I've only got two so far:
> bImoHqu' 'ej DutuQmoHmo' SoSlI' verengan bIrur
> (this was as close as I could get to "You're ugly and your mother
> dresses you funny!")

Someone told me that this one is closer:

bImoH 'ej SoHvaD Sut taQ tuQmoH SoSlI'!

Hope this helps you out :>

--da laffin tlhIngan :>

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