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Hi, I'm new here...

My name is John and I live in Calgary, Canada.  But enough about me.  I
am attempting to embark on a project to translate human colloquialisms
into the tlhingan Hol. I've only got two so far:

bImoHqu' 'ej DutuQmoHmo' SoSlI' verengan bIrur
(this was as close as I could get to "You're ugly and your mother
dresses you funny!")

Deghmey'e' wIghajnIsbe' jay'
(Badges! We don't need no stinking badges!)

Like any other struggling writer, I am always looking for feedback.  If
you can find a better way to translate these phrases, or have other
phrases that have been (or need to be) translated, drop me a line.

jaghlIj tlhonDuDaq Qong yIhmey

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