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RE: My new name (KLBC)

jatlh Doq DIv:

> motlh wa' mu' lughaj pongmey 'ach cha' mu'mey ghaj pongwI'.
> Doq DIv 'oH pongwIj'e'.

Should be <pongwIj> in the first line. Good otherwise.

> The Hebrew meaning of "Adam" is "red-skinned" which is what I was
> trying to say by "Doq DIv". I was going to say "Doq tera' loD" or
> "man of the red Earth" and then I thought of "bochwI' wa'DIch" or
> "first born". I could just pick a random name that sounds nice,
> like "Qanga'loS" or something, but I would much rather pick one
> that means something, and I'm afraid that "Qanga'loS" actually
> means something that I don't want to advertise myself as. So, with
> "Doq DIv" I shall stick.

maj. The choice of a new name should be as individual as the person choosing

I will make some comments, though. Since you didn't mention how you came up
with the <DIv> part of your name, I don't really know what to make of it. I
don't have any reference materials handy at the moment, but I am pretty
certain <DIv> means "be guilty", and I'm not sure you want that as your
name. If it was intentional, then great.

If you want a noun phrase, like "red man", then you probably want to put the
verb *after* the noun. <loD Doq> is "the red man", but <Doq loD> is a full
sentence: "The man is red."

Beginners' Grammarian

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