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My new name (KLBC)

motlh wa' mu' lughaj pongmey 'ach cha' mu'mey ghaj pongwI'. Doq DIv 'oH

The Hebrew meaning of "Adam" is "red-skinned" which is what I was trying to
say by "Doq DIv". I was going to say "Doq tera' loD" or "man of the red
Earth" and then I thought of "bochwI' wa'DIch" or "first born". I could
just pick a random name that sounds nice, like "Qanga'loS" or something,
but I would much rather pick one that means something, and I'm afraid that
"Qanga'loS" actually means something that I don't want to advertise myself
as. So, with "Doq DIv" I shall stick.

::Doq DIv::


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