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Re: English to Klingon Translation Question

>: I'm trying to translate the name "4Runner" as in a Toyota 4Runner into

>: for runner.  The number 4 is "los" and so the whole word would be

>: Does this sound right? What I'm wondering is that the number 4 is not really
>meant in the 
>: counting sense and so I'm not sure if the "los" should precede or follow the

>I agree that "4Runner" is probably a clever spelling for English "fore-runner"
>(cf. Klingon {leSSov} "foresight"), which we can translate literally as
>qetwI'} "one who runs in the fore(ward part of a ship)" -- i.e. {'et} "fore"
>vs. {'o'] "aft" in the nautical sense -- or even better as {tlhopDaq qetwI'}
>"one who runs (in the area) in front" using the noun {tlhop} "area in front

>As all of these are somewhat clumsy as a name, I'd just stick with {4qetwI'}
>using the Arabic numeral, which you could pronounce as {loSqetwI'} -- or even
>{'etqetwI'} or {tlhopqetwI'} -- as a sort of bilingual pun.  Come to think of

I always felt that the 4 was a word-play where 4 means going first, ahead of
the rest (as stated above); and I believe it also refers to the fact that it
is a four-wheel drive, its running on all four.

This works in english because four and fore sound the same.

>{4qetwI'} would make a clever licence plate for your Toyota.

(I have a klingon plate for my BMW ... [ not jegh ] )
(clipped klingon because you can only have eight characters.   [yI-] )


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