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General Information

Alright, everyone...

As we all know, a post which does not discuss the Klingon language or is not
in Klingon is OFF TOPIC. Binaries are bad too.

If you want to unsubscribe read the headers, which say, in PLAIN ENGLISH:

 TO UNSUBSCRIBE: email "unsub tlhingan-hol" to

This was in the first message you received as well.

The Klingon Dictionary is not legally available online. Buy it for the
eleven or so bucks it cost. If you don't have 11 dollars, you need to spend
more time working and less time reading email.

I apologize for the tone of this post. But the new year has brought four
posts, two of them decidedly offtopic. jIQuchbe'.

And is it possible to get this server to verify subscription more strictly?

Qermaq mogh

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