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Re: Klingon in the News

At 12:35 PM 1/21/99 -0800, ghunchu'wI' wrote:
>[jabbI'ID vIqonmeH 'ej vIlabmeH toch De'wI'Hom vIlo'lI'.]
>ja' ter'eS:
>>From "News of the Weird", 
>>a feature in our local 
>>alternative newspaper:
>Soch Hu' De'Heyvam vIQoy.
>A co-worker noticed my casual
>mention of Klingon in a company
>newsgroup discussion. He told me
>he had seen something in December
>in the Indianapolis newspaper about
>these Klingon-speaking kids, and
>then heard it mentioned on National
>Public Radio a few days later. But he
>couldn't find the article to prove it to
>me, and a search of the wire services
>didn't come up with anything. I *did*
>find a brief reference to it in an
>unrelated discussion, so I decided he
>wasn't making it up.
>He did say the living conditions were
>discovered by someone trying to
>find out why the children had not
>been in school and that the state was
>considering charging the father with
>child abuse for not teaching an
>"appropriate" language to the kids, but I don't think he got that part

I found a summary on the Wichita Eagle archives page.  In an article dated
12/2/98, it says that a juvenile court judge was about to decide if the
kids (ages 12, 9, 5 and 5 mo) would be returned to their parents.  It did
say that it was the condition of the home, not the language, that was the
concern.  Unfortunately, you have to have a Wichita PL library card or
buy a subscription to the search provider to get the full text of the
article, and I'm not _that_ interested!

-- ter'eS

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