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Re: Klingon in the News

In a message dated 1/21/1999 8:37:54 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< "In November, Wichita, Kan., police removed four children from their
 parents' animal-feces-littered mobile home.  When police arrived, they
 noticed many Star Trek posters and magazines lying around and also that
 the parents and kids were speaking fluent Klingon, the language created
 for the Star Trek TV show.  The parents promised to clean the home,
 and get rid of their two ferrets and seven of their nine cats."
 (Reported in the Wichita Eagle, whose big story today was "Kids can put
 a lot of potentially dangerous things in their mouth").
 Kind of makes you rethink the old adage that "Any publicity is good
 publicity", doesn't it? >>

DenverDaq "Rivals" (gholpu') luDa DawI'pu'
lumaqmeH "radio" lo' maqwI'
maq ghaH     ghopDap ghajbe' 'ej tlhInganpu' ghajbe'

'ach maqwI' ghomvetlhvaD jabbI'ID vIngeHrup
(gholpu') vIbejDI' tlhIngan QI' HIp vItuQ 'e' vInab


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