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RE: KLBC: capitals in the writing system

ghItlh pagh:

>The single letter lower case symbols like <b> and <t> are generally the
>as their English counterparts. The single letter upper case symbols like
>and <D> are generally similar to their English counterparts, but somehow
>different. The combinations like <ch> and <tlh> are either the same as the
>corresponding English combination (<ch> and <ng>), or not like anything at
>all in English (<gh> and <tlh>). The symbol <'> is its own special case.
>system is not perfectly consistent. Neither <q> nor <Q> fits the pattern,

I wish he had used <k> instead of <q> since it really seems more sensible
that way. He did not, however. Oh well. qay'be'.

>and I can't figure out why, of all the vowels, only the <I> is upper case.

The Spanish vowels are a e i o and u, and all but i are pronounced damn near
identically to Klingon. Spanish i is like the vowel sound in English "key"
or "see" while Klingon <I> is like English "sit or "win". That's my theory.


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