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RE: qa'vIn

jatlh Matt Cooperrider:

> Hi, I'm new to this e-mail list, and is there anyway someone can help
> me find out what is being said in these e-mails I get? If so, e-mail
> me at  or call me 1-417-358-5265.

Welcome to the list, Matt. What you're seeing in these emails you get is the
Klingon language, tlhIngan Hol. Klingon is a real, useable language, and
that's why we are all here. 

This list is sponsored by the Klingon Language Institute
(, which has a good guide
(/kli/starting.html) to the materials you will need to
learn the language. Of particular importance is The Klingon Dictionary. Note
that most of the useful references are not available online.

My name is pagh, and I am the current Beginners' Grammarian for the list.
It's my job to help beginners learn Klingon. Whenever you have a post you
want help with, mark it for my attention by putting KLBC in the subject

Beginners' Grammarian

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