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Re: mu'meywIj tetlh

In a message dated 1/14/1999 1:25:19 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Unfortunately,
 the correct translation is unknown to us at present because the original
 English sentence is an example of a relative adverb, which we just don't
 know how 
 to say yet.  In the sentence "I know _when_ the book is coming", we have
 never yet
 found a way to express that 'when'.  It is _not_ the same as the word
 which means only 'when?' as a question.  We have the same problem with
 words like
 'where' and 'how' (as in "I know how you did it").  You can get around
 the problem
 by re-casting (eg. /vay' Data'. mIwlIj vISov/), but we don't know any
 equivalents to the relative adverb at this time.

jIQochbe', ter'eS
DaH cha' mu'tlheghmey vIlo'qang

paq chu' DIHevba' 'ach poH vISovbe'

<poHDaj> or <poHvetlh> may/may not work just as well.


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