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Re: noise (n)

: ja' Edy:
: >    I'm leaving a msg in the telephone voice-mailing but
: > I trying to find a word for sound/noise.   [*noise* DaQoyDI' yIjatlh]
: I have no idea about "flavor", but what about <chuSwI'> - this works in your
: sentence above, <chuSwI' DaQoyDI' yIjatlh>.

Possibly, "thing that is noisy" - though to me, I would first think of a
rather than the sound itself, but both work in the sentence.  HurghwI' has
*{chuSwI'} on this list to mean a "speaker (device)", such as the ones
installed in your desktop PC.  I suppose *{chuSwI'} could also refer to a

 pa' chuSwI'vetlh'e' ghaH 'Iv?
 Just who is that loud-mouth over there?

: Get more specific.  Is the sound you're talking about a "beep"?  That
: seems like {QoQ} "musical sound" could apply.

Much better - a "tone" as it were: 

 QoQ DaQoyDI' yIjatlh!
 Speak when you hear (the sound of) the tone!

 QoQ DaQoyDI' QIn yIqon!
 Record a message when you hear (the sound of) the tone!

Perhaps combining the two:

 QoQ chuSDI' yIjatlh!
 When the tone sounds, speak!

Hmm, no... I like the first one better.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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