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Re: noise (n)

ja' Edy:
>    I'm leaving a msg in the telephone voice-mailing but
>I trying to find a word for sound/noise.
>[*noise* DaQoyDI' yIjatlh]

Get more specific.  Is the sound you're talking about a "beep"?  That
seems like {QoQ} "musical sound" could apply.

>I'm not sure if [ghum - alarm (n)] could be used
>in this sentence.

It might work, but I think there are better ways to say it.

>    We have other similar words for human senses:
>pIw - odor (n)
>DuQ - touch (n)

{DuQ} is a verb, not a noun, and it means to reach someone on an emotional
level, the way a great work of art can bring forth strong feelings.  It's
an idiom; the true definition is "stab".

>    Is there a word for flavor (n)?

The verbs {mum} "sense flavors" and the various qualities such as {'ey} and
{na'} and {wIb} and {tlhorgh} are as close as we get.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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