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mu'meywIj tetlh

pItlh!!!!  rIn mu'meywIj tetlh!  DaH, jIbom......

Finished!!! My word list is finished!  Now, I will sing....

yay! yay! naDev 'oHtaH yay'e'!
DISvam Hoch jaj Dub 'oy' vIghaj.
mu'ghomwIj DungDaq jISIH,
jIghItlh 'ej vIlughmoH.
jajmeyvam ghuH jIH law' jIQong puS.
jIvum 'ej jIvum
DaH jImaw'
jIvum 'e' teH 'ach
qab ratlh pabwIj.
rInmeH jIQuch 'ach
bej wa' Doch
jIghIQ 'ach ngaj
tugh paq chu' wIghaj.

Victory! Victory! Victory is here!
I've had a back ache each day this year
Bent over my dictionary
I wrote and made right
and more days than not
I stayed up all night.
I've worked and I've worked
and now I've gone mad
and despite all this work
my grammar's still bad.
I'm happy it's finshed
but one certain thing
my vacation is short lived
there'll be a new book this spring.


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