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Re: Quite a few more word puns

ja' "Patrick Masterson" <>:
>I went through my Klingon literature and noticed a few more puns...

Isn't it fun finding these on your own?  That's why I don't want an
"official" list of them published.

>qettlhup = In KGT, Okrand also describes a type of sauce, called
>qettlhup. If you were to ask for ketchup in a Klingon eating
>establishmet, you would probably get this, as "ketchup" and "qettlhup"
>sound quite similar. (At least they sound alike more than my other

As long as you're considering sauces, don't forget {ghevI'}.

>vut = cook (v)
>  "vut" sounds like "food" pronounced with an accent. (What type of
>accent I'm not sure.)

Thick German. :)

>run = be short in stature
>Just add a "t" to the end of "run."

Now put the word {pI'} after it and see what you get.

>'Iw = blood
>Say it out loud and it sounds like "Ewww!", an expression of disgust.

I think {yIH} is a better example of this. :)

>I know this was probly to make Okrand's job easier, but does anyone else
>find it odd that two languages which (supposedly) developed light years
>apart both just happen to have similar alphabetical order?
>(Curiouser and curiouser...)

It's not the "real Klingon" alphabetical order.  TKD page 13:
| The system of writing Klingon used in this dictionary has been
| developed so people who already know how to read English will
| have a minimum of difficulty approximating the sounds of Klingon
| words and sentences.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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