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Re: Noun suffixes, type 5

ja'pu' charghwI':
>These are fine uses. I think that "extracting" wood from a tree
>is not different. The sword, food and wood were in their
>containers and it was removed from that container. What is your

ja' peHruS:
>My point is:  In other languages I know, "made of" is not the same word as
>"extracting a thing from a container, sheath, holster."

But charghwI' isn't trying to say "made of".  He's intentionally saying
"take out", and he has explained perfectly why he is saying it.  You're
applying arguments from other languages to address an issue that is not
being discussed by anyone except you.

I've got a suggestion of my own for translating the "made of" idea.  We
know the phrases {baS 'In} and {Sor Hap 'In} work for describing what a
percussion instrument is made of (KGT page 75).  So I would simply say
something like {Sor Hap raS vIchenmoH} "I make a table of wood."

-- ghunchu'wI'

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