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Re: Noun suffixes, type 5

In a message dated 1/7/1999 9:19:20 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Your argument is well stated and well taken. Meanwhile, I think 
 there is a slippery slope one would encounter while trying to 
 assign the threshold of functionality for {lel}. You say it 
 works for a sword from a sheath and food from a refrigerator. 
 Does it work for nuH from a nuH bey'? Stones from a pile? Blood 
 from a patient? Water from a stream? Wood from a tree? Since 
 there is no distinct verb for this, you prefer that there is no 
 verb for this at all rather than that there is this verb 
 stretched beyond your preference? >>

I would not use {lel} for "take food from a refrigerator"; Qov used it.  I
would have used {tlhap}.  This works for {nuH bey'vo' nuH tlhap vay'}.  Either
{tlhap} or {Suq} may work for stones from a pile.  Blood from a patient might
be {SID porghvo' 'Iw QaymoH jan}.  Water from a stream:  I need to know if we
are using a pail, pump, or if the water is flowing from the stream of its own
accord, perhaps into another body of water.  Wood from a tree?  Perhaps I
would {tlhap} or {Suq}.  I probably would find uses for {nge'}, too.

In Atayal there are distinct words for separate concepts such as these.


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