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> I require the information of what sound each letter makes. 

The best written description of the sounds is in The Klingon Dictionary -
it's first chapter. If you want to *hear* the sounds, the audiotape
Conversational Klingon is good. The KLI also has a sound page at

> Is it true Qapla' is pronounced Kwaplay?

No. It's pronounced <Qapla'> ;-)  Seriously, though . . . 

On TV, it often gets pronounced <kuh-PLAAAA>, which is not correct. Qapla'
is two syllables: <Qap> and <la'>. The first syllable starts with a <Q>,
which is generally very difficult for English speakers. It's basically a
very raspy sound made in the back of the throat. See the references above
for more information. The rest of the syllable is fairly obvious. The second
syllable is <la'>. The final <'> means you cut off the <a> abruptly, as in
the first syllable of "uh-oh".

Beginners' Grammarian

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