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Re: Noun suffixes, type 5

From: William H. Martin <>
>> I am proud of you should be SoHmo' jIHem.
>More likely, it would be something like {ta'lIjmo' jIHem.} with
>perhaps some reference as to why I get to be proud because of
>YOU. Shouldn't YOU be proud because of you?
>Anyway, I'd tend to lean more toward something like:
>mubelmoH ta'lIj.

'utbe' bel.

I think it is unlikely that a Klingon would say this.  We've been told (in
KGT, I believe) that pleasure and enjoyment are not highly prized things to

I don't see any real problem with {SoHmo' jIHem}; any further disambiguation
seems like picking nits.

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