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Re: Putting on Hamlet in April

At 12:35 PM 1/4/99 -0800, SuStel wrote:
>Greetings.  I've been contacted by a person involved with the I-Con
>convention in Stonybrook, New York (it's on Long Island, near where I live)
>who has asked about the possibilities of performing selected scenes of
>"Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: the Restored Klingon Version: at the convention
>in April.


>While my contact can handle all of the technical arrangements of room,
>lights, and so on, she's asked me if I can find ways to cast and arrange
>this event.  I really don't have a clue as to how to do it, so I'm seeking
>advice and support here.

I used to be active in local amateur theater, and I've also worked
backstage and directed (once).  It's been a long time, but I'll put in
my two cents' worth.

>I'm asking for two things.  First, if anyone has advice on how such an event
>could be put together, I'd love to hear it.  

First, I'd forget about sets or anything except costumes and hand props.
All you need is a bare stage with proper lighting.  Second, I'd skip
involved scenes with lots of people or those which are integral to
the plot.  This way, you can keep the cast list down. Pick a couple of
scenes that will be recognizable even in Klingon; the graveyard scene at the
beginning, the Soliloquy and the scene where Hamlet mocks Ophelia (with the
"Get thee to a nunnery" line) come to mind.  Third, provide a program with
the Klingon and English in facing columns, so people can follow along.
Finally, pick scenes with lots of intrinsic interest, so people's attention
doesn't waver (Hamlet should really "ham" it up in the Soliloquy, Ophelia
can chew the scenery, maybe you could include the sword fight at the end if
your actors are up to it), and keep it short (probably 20 minutes tops.)

This is what I'd do if it were me.
>Second, if anyone would like to
>take a day or two off during April to come and play a part in the play,
>that's be fantastic!  (Not to mention giving me someone to speak Klingon
>with that weekend!)

Boy, I'd love to, but I don't have the cash to spend on something like

-- ter'eS

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