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Putting on Hamlet in April

Greetings.  I've been contacted by a person involved with the I-Con
convention in Stonybrook, New York (it's on Long Island, near where I live)
who has asked about the possibilities of performing selected scenes of
"Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: the Restored Klingon Version: at the convention
in April.

While my contact can handle all of the technical arrangements of room,
lights, and so on, she's asked me if I can find ways to cast and arrange
this event.  I really don't have a clue as to how to do it, so I'm seeking
advice and support here.

I'm asking for two things.  First, if anyone has advice on how such an event
could be put together, I'd love to hear it.  Second, if anyone would like to
take a day or two off during April to come and play a part in the play,
that's be fantastic!  (Not to mention giving me someone to speak Klingon
with that weekend!)

Though I don't know how to arrange such a project without help from other
experienced Klingonists, I do know that such a performance at a convention
would be a fantastic benefit for the KLI!  I can see many convention-goers
being inspired to buy the dictionary and look up the KLI's website (and, of
course, just as many who scoff at the idea, but we'll always have that!).
And if we manage to make any new Klingonists on Long Island for me to talk
to, you'll be my personal hero!

I'm looking forward to positive responses, though negative ones will also
help to shape this thing.  And don't think you have to be a Klingon expert
to participate: even newcomers would be welcome!

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