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Noun suffixes, type 5

Recently I have seen some Klingon language users writing sentences using type
5 noun suffixes in such a way that I am troubled.

paqDaq lut vIlaDpu' I do not like (unless the speaker is standing on the book.
Try paq vIlaDtaHvIS lut vIlaDpu'.  jajvamDaq tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh really
bothers me.  Try qaStaHvIS jajvam tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh or simply DaHjaj
tlhIngan Hol vIjatlh.  When a time stamp alone won't work, use qaStaHvIS....
in lieu of one.

SuSDaq joqtaH definitely should be SuSmo' joqtaH as already given in TKD.

I am proud of you should be SoHmo' jIHem.

-Daq refers to the place the action of the sentence is happening.  It is a
physical location.  Perhaps Klingon native speakers (if there were any such
being) do not use -Daq to refer to time or non-physical locations.  I feel
that this is true for -vo', also.  It must relate to "propelling" the action
away from a physical place.  Therefore, I don't like jajvamvo' wa'leSDaq
jISuvtaH at all.

Along this line of thinking, I also dislike Sor Hapvo' raS chenmoHpu' nuv.
Chinese handles this beautifully without any prepositions (as Chinese does not
have any prepositions at all):  raS chenmoHmeH nuv, Sor Hap lo'.



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