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Verbs with Prepositional Results

Many Klingon verbs either do include a prepositional concept or may include a
prepositional concept.  Examples:  Dab live at, in; buS focus on, think only
about.  Or, ghoS approach, proceed [toward]; lan put [down]; roQ put down; let
go [of].  Obviously there are many more.

Sometimes Klingon has two verbs to indicate different directions of the
action.  Examples:  woH pick up [from a lower place]; jotlh take down [from a
higher place].

But we have one example in canon which shows us that Klingons sometimes must
use a second sentence to express the prepositional result of the verb.  'uSDaj
chop; chev Bite his leg off!  I feel this construction can be quite useful in
other situations, too:  yuQ yItlheD; yIjaH may complete the desires of the
speaker more fully than yuQ yItlheD alone accomplishes.


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