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Re: -oy

ghItlh K'ryntes:

>tlhIngan Hol DajatlhmeH naDev SoHtaH?
>Are you here to speak Klingon?

ghItlh Liujoshua:

>I am, I feel it my responsibility to correct people though.

First, don't forget to quote the speaker you're replying to so we know
what's going on!

Second, what K'ryntes was gently implying was that the purpose of the list
is to discuss Klingon language. If you want to chat about McCoy or time
travel, that's fine, but you must do it in tlhIngan Hol. Sounds tough to do,
doesn't it? Well, some topics are. Time travel is a tough subject. Others
are simpler.

If you post a question about the language and put KLBC in the subject, pagh,
the friendly Beginner's Grammarian will, once he's back, cheerfully help you
out. If you want to start making sentences, then you'll need the Klingon
Dictionary and to learn the basic rules of the language. (If you don't have
it yet, you can order it from the KLI website with a
credit card, or through any decent bookstore. It's about eleven dollars US
or so.)

Qatlhbe' tlhIngan Hol 'ach DaHaDnIS - Klingon isn't hard but you have to

Hol chu' DaghojtaHvIS, juppu' chu' DaqIH - While you're learning a new
language, you meet new friends.

tlhIngan Hol DatIv 'e' vItul - I hope you enjoy the Klingon language.


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