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Re: my thesis

>but in a few months I want to conduct a survey
>> under Klingon-speakers. My teachers thinks my subject stinks and he is very
>> sceptic. He thinks that I won't find any people who speak Klingon and even
>> if I find some, that they won't cooperate. Is he wrong?
>Of course he is wrong!  Just because someone invents a language doesn't
>mean it's not valid-- *all* languages were invented at some point!
>Will you need someone to come to the class and... *convince* him of his
>mistaken ideas? :>

Well, easiest way would be to dump copies of computer programming languages
on his desk (they are after all "artificial languages", meant to convey
ideas to a machine }}:-) ).  If he wants more, I'm sure you can find a Java
programmer around.

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