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Re: -oy

ghItlh K'ryntes:

>Thanks, I didn't think I could get away with that but I wasn't sure where I
>could use -oy. It's not appropriate to call someone a name with -oy at the
>unless you want to insult them is it?

Ok, this isn't really grammar - so we don't have to wait for pagh. {{:o)

In ST6 we hear Azetbur call her father <vavoy>. She clearly wasn't insulting
him. I think it's at worst weird to call someone something-oy without a good
reason. If I called you <qIrInteSoy> your husband might have something to
say about it... Check out in KGT p. 201. I think the use of <-oy> is limited
to that type of context.


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