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Re: my thesis wrote:

>         In fact, there are several places where one can find literature on the
> Klingon Language.  One place in particular that I have found to be reasonably
> informative is the "Star Trek: Communicator" magazine.  There have been many
> articles on Klingon over the months and years, and they are usually a very
> good source of INFO.  Another source from which I have gathered much
> information is a Klingon Language article in the Star Trek 30th Anniversary
> Special magazine.  That article is especially good.  It goes over grammar,
> phrases, how the language came to be, Klingon outings, inflections, and my
> favorite, dialects, mainly TlhIngan Hol and the other regional dialect,
> Klingonaase.

Klingonaase nuq?

or is it...

Klingonaase 'oH nuq?


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