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Re: my thesis

<<PS. I have just started, so maybe I haven't looked well enough, but I have
some trouble finding literature about the language Klingon itself. Not a
grammarian or a dictionary, because I have those at home (yes, I'm a Star
Trek fan), but something linguistic. Can someone help me with this or are
there any linguistics reading this mail willing to answer some questions?>>

	In fact, there are several places where one can find literature on the
Klingon Language.  One place in particular that I have found to be reasonably
informative is the "Star Trek: Communicator" magazine.  There have been many
articles on Klingon over the months and years, and they are usually a very
good source of INFO.  Another source from which I have gathered much
information is a Klingon Language article in the Star Trek 30th Anniversary
Special magazine.  That article is especially good.  It goes over grammar,
phrases, how the language came to be, Klingon outings, inflections, and my
favorite, dialects, mainly TlhIngan Hol and the other regional dialect,

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