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Get .05cpm Long Distance 24Hours 7Days A Week & SUPERLOW INTERNATIONAL RATES TOO!

NO NEED TO SWITCH! APPLY BY PHONE! (Internet Service: Only $14.95 See Details Below)

Residence of Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Colorado get .05cpm Long Distance within your state! 
All other States pay Only 7cpm.
This program feature: 
Please review SAVING SAMPLE when compared to .10cents per minute
Customer spends $100.00 per month in long distance at .10 cent per minute
Customer rate:    .10cpm x 1000 minutes = $100.00/month
Local Dial-up:    .05cpm x 1000 minutes = $50.00/month + $2.95fee 
That is a SAVINGS of $47.00 Dollars or 47% Percent

Sample SUPER LOW International Rates
Australia=.13 Brazil=.42 Canada=.07 China=.55 Colombia=.29 France=.14 Finland=.15 
Germany=.12 Greece=.32 Guam=.32 Hong Kong=.21 India=.67 Isreal=.18 Italy=.17 
Japan=.19 New Zealand=.14 Philippines=.38 Russia=.33 United Kingdom=.07
Get Rates To The Country You Call Most: Toll Free: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)
SAVE MONEY On Long Distance, Get A FREE Phone Bill Analysis And Consultation. If You Spend $40 
Dollars Or More Per Month & We Can't SAVE YOU MONEY, We Will Give You A FREE 1 Hour Prepaid 
Calling Card!!! For A WIN/WIN Offer Call: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)

Need Internet Service? Only $14.95 Includes *Unlimited Hours *56K *Email Address 5MB Of WEB 
Hosting Space *No Contracts.  Get Connected Today! CALL: 1-877-299-LINK (5465)

Need A Professional Voice Messaging Center For Online Inquiries?
Only $39.95/Month Includes
*Toll Free Number For Customer Response
*Unlimited Messaging Screen & Forwarding
*Unlimited 24 Hour Customer Inquirey  

 Mail To: 
 975 McKeown Ave
 North Bay, Ontario PLA-2c6

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