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> tlhIngan Hol vIghojtaH.

quSDaq bIba'.

> jIqeqnIStaH 'e' vISov.

maj. Good use of aspect - OK on the first verb, not OK on the second.

> jIqeqQo'chugh vaj pujchoH 'ej Hegh laHwIj.

It's generally good style to put th subject after the first verb, not the

> 'ach, jIqeqtaHchugh 'ej jIHaDtaHchugh, vaj DubtaH laHwIj.

The only canon use of <Dub> that I know of is transitive. This is a bit
surprising, since the gloss in TKD is "improve", and words like this are
generally only used intransitively. As a result, you can say <laHwIj
vIDubtaH> and be sure you are right, but we don't know for certain if
<DubtaH laHwIj> makes any sense. Perhaps our Ca'non master can provide some
insight in the new year. I would probably also add <-bej> here.

> By the way, I have thus far been unable to find a suitable way to
> the verb "to flag,mark, tag, or indicate" such as when a post is flagged
> the attention of the Beginner's Grammarian (ie. "KLBC")

I haven't either. You could consider something with <ghuH>.

> What I was trying to say above, in case I totally 'hosed' it, is :

> "I am learning the Klingon language. I know that I must continue to
> If I do not practice, then my skills (abilities) will wither (become weak)
> die. But, if I continue to practice and study, my skills will continue to
> improve."


Beginners' Grammarian

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