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Re: Placement of aspect suffixes

In a message dated 2/25/1999 8:10:28 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Maybe the ideas of "happened before now" and "action was complete" don't
 combine in your mind to form the idea "past perfect".  That's about the
 only way I can understand your request for someone to point out where it
 was explicitly discussed.  It's just a concept that I would assume anyone
 sufficiently familiar with the ideas of tense and aspect would find to be
 too obvious for words.  That tends to reinforce my belief that you are not
 sufficiently familiar with the separate ideas of tense and aspect.
 I'd tell you to read the FAQ, but it doesn't say anything that you haven't
 seen already, and since I'm the one who wrote what became the tense/aspect
 section of the FAQ, I suspect it wouldn't help you anyway.

This is terrible, ghunchu'wI'.

I have made an honest request for information and all you do is put me down.

Thanks for telling me you wrote an FAQ.  I have NOT seen it.  Where do I find
the FAQ YOU wrote?


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