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Re: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

I ran into a problem with describing "falling in love", therefore I have
decided to try and put something together which is more klingon :

tIqwIj moj batlh 'etlhwI
tIqwIjtaH 'ethlhwIjDaq
tIqwIj quDuq

If you can't understand that (don't blame me i am dyslexic !), it's meant to
go like this :

My batleth [or sword of honour etc;] becomes my heart
In my blade my heart goes on
With my heart I stab you

Though, this sounds very disturbing to most people i'm sure it would make a
good {bang bom}.  
Any comment and assitance would be greatly appreciated


Nic Rutherford


I couldn't find a klingon verb for love - what does that tell me about klingon
society, they have verbs for most other emotions : muS, QeH, meQ, par.


has anyone actually worked out what *?!#@, *@$% and #*@! mean in section 5.5
of the KD ? or is that the sort of question i shouldn't ask :-), but
seriously, can they just be yelled in a klingon's general direction if you
can't think of sutble insult (comparing their mothers ridges the flat plains
of Xuno 3 or something ...)

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