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bang bom

ja' Nic Rutherford <>:
>I have seen a lot of translations of bits of my <bang bom>, and have just
>wondered one thing.  How many of you non-KLBC or KLBC can use the language in
>a romantic yet tuneful way ? You can argue over about using a second-person
>object on a transitive verb, but can you compare your <parmaqqay> to a summers
>day ?

HIja', be' 'IH qoghDaq tlhuplu'meH lI'bej' tlhIngan Hol. :-)

tlhIngan Hol parmo' bangna'wI', roD bang bom vIqonbe'.
qen jupvaD bomHom vInob.  tlhIHvaD vImuchqang.
(jup bang pong vInopta'.)

=== === ===

   bangwI'vaD neH tI 'IH vIngeH
       ghaHvaD neH yuch vInob
    jupna'wI' vIbuSHa'be' vIneH
       vaj qaqelbej 'e' vItob

  bangwI' SoHbe'mo' pagh nob vIqem
      jupwI' SoHmo' neH jIbom
     *****, choparHa'mo' jIHem
         DubelmoHjaj bomHom

=== === ===

Note:  I explicitly deny permission for anyone to use this in any way
except as an example with full attribution given.  I wouldn't normally
feel the need to say this, except that Nic was asking for something his
band could use.  Nic, your band may *not* use this as song lyrics.

Recognize that poetry is not trivial in *any* language.  If you aren't
a good poet in English already, you're not likely to produce wonderful
poems in Klingon without a lot of effort and false starts and extremely
dedicated practice.  And if you *are* a good poet already, you probably
know that it will take a lot of effort and falst starts and dedicated
practice anyway. :-)

-- ghunchu'wI'

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