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Re: RE: Re: Re: KLBC : revised bang bom mu' - COMPO

I have seen a lot of translations of bits of my <bang bom>, and have just
wondered one thing.  How many of you non-KLBC or KLBC can use the language in
a romantic yet tuneful way ? You can argue over about using a second-person
object on a transitive verb, but can you compare your <parmaqqay> to a summers
day ?
Well, this is a challenge.  I want to see how romantic you all are :-).  If
anyone is annoyed by this mail, very sorry, and to avoid clogging up the list,
if you want to send it direct to my e-mail adress rather than using the
mailing list.
There is an alternative reason for this e-mail.  My band and I (the
Diskodians) are planning to put together a <bang bom mu'> as a rock song and
we need some decent lyrics !  
The other alternative reason is to get my translating muscles working, as it
is easier to translate a <bom> than just a set lot of text (and it's much more
Again if this is annoying anyone, then I apologise profoundly.  However, this
is just a challenge.  Let's see if your blood really does boil !

Hovmey Davan

Nic Rutherford


If anyone is just lurking, then why not have a go ?

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