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Re: KLBC HochDIch vs Qav

>'oy' naQ Dachu'Ha'DI mIw HochdIch Data'
>When you turn the pianstick off you accomplish the last step.

Haha! I just think that it is funny that this statement could also say: 
"When he did not clearly act like a painstick, he did act like all of the
steps." (well kinda... it's still funny)

>mu'tlheghmeyvam rap Hech 'a'
>Do these sentences mean the same thing?

ghobe'. They have similar meanings, that may both be used in similar
situations, but they are not the same.

>Hoch DIp
>*Hoch* is a noun <I am not sure this is proper>

yu'lIj vIjanglaH 'e' vIQubbe' 'ach qaQaHlaH:

If you wanted to say "*Hoch* is a noun", you would have to put <DIp> first,
and then <Hoch>, and put <Hoch> in asterisks (what's the plural of
asterisk?). Right now, it says, "all nouns".

>Qav wot
>*Qav* is a verb

A similar thing with this statement: right now it says, "the verb is last."
The word order must be reversed. (so that the verb is last.)

I'll let pagh answer your actual questions. It's *his* job.

--- loD Doq

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