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Re: Hoch/HochHom, etc. re response

In a message dated 2/27/99 2:54:36 AM Eastern Standard Time,

<< jatlh T'Lod:
 > And what's the proper order in a question for an
 > adverbial?
 Same as in any other sentence. Klingon does not change word order for
 questions like English does. If the question word itself goes at the
 beginning of the sentence like an adverbial (ghorgh, chay', qatlh, nuqDaq),
 then I always put the question first. I don't know if we have any evidence
 for or against this, but it feels right to me.
 nuq DaneH? - What do you want?
 DaH nuq DaneH - What do you want now?
 Dujey 'Iv? - Who defeated you?
 batlh Dujey 'Iv? - Who honorably defeated you?
 ghorgh maHegh - When will we die?
 ghorgh batlh maHegh - When will we die honorably?
 chay' wIchavlaH - How can we achieve it?
 chay' nom wIchavlaH? - How can we achieve it quickly?
 Beginners' Grammarian

In MO's response giving us 'arlogh and qen, he put qen before 'arlogh, making
qen 'arlogh Qoylu'pu' - Recently, how many times has one heard it?  And that a
time stamp came before the question word in Today, how many times has one
heard it?

In MO's words - 
DaHjaj 'arlogh Qoylu'pu'?

That is, "Today, how many times has someone heard it?"
(<DaHjaj> "today"), suggesting that the questioner is
concerned about how much time has gone by "today" (as
opposed to, say, "this week").

Or maybe the fuller expression was a little less specific:

    qen 'arlogh Qoylu'pu'?

"Recently, how many times has someone heard it?" (<qen>
"recently, a short time ago").


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