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Re: qawmoHwI'

Alan wrote:

> ja' Lawrence:
> >DaHjaj qep'a' Damuvchugh cha'maH vagh DeQ DangeHnIS neH.
> jIjeSlaHmeH mep Huchqoq vInobta'.
> qep'a' 'uQ'a'Daq jISopmeH DaHjaj Huch 'ar poQlu'?
> leS Huch 'ar poQlu'? chay' vIDIlmeH mep Huchqoq vIlo'laH?
> SKI: I paid already. But what about the banquet?

I have alerted Mark to the missing banquet option on the KLI's Merchant
page, and it should be showing up there shortly (if he hasn't done it
already). Until such time, if you are registering online, simply include
a note that you also want the banquet, and authorize me to deduct an
additional $25 from your credit card. I'll handle it from this end.

My main concern with the qawmoHwI' was to get people to register before
March 1st and the price increase. Banquet fees can be added after the
fact for the next several months (but WILL close off, probably about
July 1st).


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