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Re: Hoch/HochHom, etc. re response

In a message dated 2/25/99 7:15:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

I didn't read the original message completely.  Let me rephrase my response:

<< ja' T'Lod:
 >I want all the spear, not just part of it.
 >QIn Hoch vIneH (following KGT 155)
 maj, jIQochbe'.
 >I want each spear.
 >Hoch QIn vIneH.
 >I want all of the spears.
 >Hoch QInmey vIneH
 Almost perfect.  We should probably translate this as "I want all spears"
 or "I want every spear."  We don't have any examples saying "all of" a
 collection of things, but based on the {nIn Hoch} example it seems pretty
 likely that {QInmey Hoch} would carry the "all of the spears" meaning.

If QInmey Hoch is all of the spears, would that mean "all of a group of
spears, without any parts missing on any of the spears?"  
 The distinction I see between "all spears" and "all of the spears" is
 that the first appears to refer to spears as a category, and the second
 appears to refer to a quantity of spears.
 -- ghunchu'wI' >>

batlh choQaHmo' qatlho'.  Another 2 questions - is it possible to have two
adverbials in one sentence?  And what's the proper order in a question for an


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