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Re: Dap naQ schrieb:
> You know what?  I can't read any more.  Nearly every sentence contains something unusual,
> incorrect, or intentionallly atypical, or is incomprehensible (as that last sentence.)
> It's too hard.  You're not communicating.  I gave this an honest try.

   In the first lines of his message he wrote that it would be wrong -
at least I understand it that way.
What I believe he wants to show is that one cannot learn Klingon without
thinking about what the real definitions mean (e.g. *jIH bang SoH*) and
you cannot translate english word-for-word (like {chegh}) into Klingon.

   But I think it's enough to just MENTION that, it's never good to give
bad examples in order to learn a language! (many people remember the bad
ones more easily than the good ones.)


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