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Re : revised bang bom mu' (not KLBC anymore)

jatlh Nic:

> A Certain abilitiy becomes a disaster if you are lucky <DaHarlow' - 
> what is this ?>

That's <... 'e' DaHarlaw'> - "You apparently believe ... "

> Also <raraH - what is this ?> a lucky military discovery

<... rurlaH je> - "It can also resemble ... ". 

> You believe him\her\it a daily disaster subject
Quite close - "You apparently believe <parmaq> is a disaster."

> I serve tax for him\her\it <my love> and I am willing 
> to respect him\her\it, the one who is my love

I'm not sure where you got the "tax" part, but the rest is pretty close. "I
am willing to respect my mate, and I am ready to serve my love."  Note that
the object of <vuv> is <parmaqqaywI'> - "my mate, the one I love". The
object of <toy'> is <parmaqwIj> - "my (feelings of) love", not "the one I

> Due to him\her\it military discovery on the moon

You got tripped up on <QI'tu'> and <maS> here. <QI'tu'> is "Paradise", and
does not (necessarily) have anything to do with either <QI'> or <tu'>. <maS>
is a noun meaning "moon", but it is also a verb meaning "prefer", and that
is how it was used here. Don't worry about it too much - I had a terrible
time in Spanish last week with <perro> - "dog" and <pero> - "but".

> Please, no one laugh, i understand that i must have got the wrong end 
> of the batleth or something.  How can you tell the root peice of the 
> word, rather than just when the prefixes and suffixes start and stop, 
> do i just have to learn them all, or what ? HEELP

jIHaghbe' jIH. This was definitely NOT Beginners' Klingon. It was two
skilled speakers discussing something using their full command of the
language. It probably should have had the KLBC removed from the subject
header a few messages back.

Beginners' Grammarian

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