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RE: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

In a message dated 2/25/1999 1:19:38 GMT Standard Time,

<< ja' charghwI":
 >Qugh: parmaq.
 Qugh 'oH parmaq'e' 'e' DaHarlaw'. :-P
 va, Do'Ha' Qugh mojlaHbej.  Do' QI'tu' rurlaH je.
 QI'tu' vImaSmo', parmaqqaywI' vIvuvqang 'ej parmaqwIj vItoy'rup.
 -- ghunchu'wI' >>

jatlh Nic:

> Many apologise, but i can't seem to translate this properly, could I have 
> some help, pagh, errr, anyone ?  I have sort of stopped reading things and

> have been writting to much

Well, the first bit is an inside joke. <Qugh> means "disaster", but it also
happens to be the name of the Klingon commander from Star Trek III (played
by Christopher Lloyd). Qugh happens to be high on charghwI''s list of
favourite Klingons, so he uses the name from time to time when writing.
ghunchu'wI' takes the opportunity to joke with charghwI'.

The last paragraph is more serious. ghunchu'wI' describes some of his views
on the nature of <parmaq>. This explanation should help you quite a bit. If
you still have specific questions, I will be here to help.

Beginners' Grammarian

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