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RE: KLBC - even more bang bom mu'

jatlh Nic:

> Once again, I enter the mystery world of the bang bom.  Below is some more
> bits of one, with finalised bits from the suggestions of the "greater
> of grammer".  Anyway here goes :

> HuDna' qawmoH'egh boDlIj
I don't think you want the <-'egh> here - <qawmoH> is "remind", so
<qaw'eghmoH> (not suffix order) is "remind oneself". I think what you want
is "It reminds *me*", which you do with a prefix:

HuDna' muqawmoH boDlIj.

> be'vISovbe'bogh SoH 'ach SoHvaD meQtaH 'IwwIj
The phrase <be' vISovbe'bogh SoH> is quite awkward. <qaSovbe'> works much

> qatlh ?
jISovbe' . . . chIjwI'!
Sorry - couldn't help myself. This is fine.

> qech'a'qoq jIH'e'
If you're using <jIH> as a verb here (and you seem to be), you can't put a
noun suffix on it. Try <qech'a'qoq jIHbej> instead. I'm also not quite sure
what this means, but since it's a bom, that's probably fine.

> DIrwIj pe' 'etlhvam

>pegh mu'mey jIjatlh 'ej 'IwwIj bej jIH
This needs to be <vIjatlh>. Depending on what you mean <pegh mu'mey> may not
be the best phrase here. Here are several possibilities:

pegh mu'mey - The words of the secret: the words which are somehow
associated with the secret.
mu'mey pegh - The secret words: the words which themselves are secret
peghmey - secrets.

I have no idea what you mean by <'IwwIj bej jIH>. If the subject is really
the first person pronoun <jIH>, the verb prefix needs to be <vI->, but this
still makes no sense to me.

> tIqwIj moj batlh 'etlhwI
Typo - don't forget the j in <'etlhwIj>. Also, if you're going for "My sword
becomes my heart", this is fine. If it's "My heart becomes my sword", then
you've got it backwards.

> 'ethlhwIjDaq taH tIqwIj'e'

> tIqwIj lo'taHvIS, qaDuq
The verb prefix again should be <vI->, and "stab" is <DuQ>, not <Duq>. <Duq>
is a noun meaning "small bowl (for eating)"

> Any notes and problems with grammer would be greatfull recieved.
> I was unsure to include the question mark after the qatlh, and 
> was even unsure if I could use it as a whole sentance.  
> However, as it is a bom, I'm sure it would be okay.  Anyway, all 
> I need now is a parmaqqay to sing to !

> qupla'


Beginners' Grammarian

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