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Re: Placement of aspect suffixes

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:58:10 -0800 (PST) 

> In a message dated 2/24/1999 12:21:09 PM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
> << You don't need to be a {Hur'Iq}. The circle is open if you will 
>  but join it, supportive of all members rather than expecting all 
>  members to support you as you present idea after idea after idea 
>  without much concern for your hit rate or how interested others 
>  may be in those ideas. It looks like the ideas are a shallow 
>  excuse for attention. >>
> jImuvqang 'e' vItlhoj.  DaH DuDwI' 'oHbe' pongHeywIj'e'.  qechmey vIchuptaHvIS
> jIvIDbe' vIneH. 

roD qechmey Dachupbe' neH. qechmeylIj motlhbe' DIlajchu' pIj 'e' 
Daqapchu'. pIj bIvID. bISuv DaneHba'. juDoy'moH. pIbuSmeH maHvaD 
Qu'maj DabuSHa'moH. Holvam DaSaHbe'law'. may' neH DaSaHlaw'.

> vuDmey DIngachtaH 'ej yab vIq DIreH, 'ach maSuvchuqbe'.

yab vIq vIneHbe'. maQum vIneH.

latlhpu' yIbuS. may'maj yItogh. yIqel'egh. may'lIj yItogh. chay' 
pIj bISuvqu'mo' 'ej pIjHa' bIjIjmo' ghu'maj Dubbe'lu'.
> peHruS

charghwI' 'utlh

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