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Re: KLBC : revised bang bom mu'

I have wej things to say.

wa'DIch :

In a message dated 2/25/1999 1:19:38 GMT Standard Time,

<< ja' charghwI":
 >Qugh: parmaq.
 Qugh 'oH parmaq'e' 'e' DaHarlaw'. :-P
 va, Do'Ha' Qugh mojlaHbej.  Do' QI'tu' rurlaH je.
 QI'tu' vImaSmo', parmaqqaywI' vIvuvqang 'ej parmaqwIj vItoy'rup.
 -- ghunchu'wI' >>

Many apologise, but i can't seem to translate this properly, could I have some
help, pagh, errr, anyone ?  I have sort of stopped reading things and have
been writting to much

cha'DIch :

charghwI' 'utlh, thank you, ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj
I really appreciated the translation

wejDIcj :

There is no third point.  Sorry.



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