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Re: Placement of aspect suffixes

In a message dated 2/24/1999 12:21:09 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< You don't need to be a {Hur'Iq}. The circle is open if you will 
 but join it, supportive of all members rather than expecting all 
 members to support you as you present idea after idea after idea 
 without much concern for your hit rate or how interested others 
 may be in those ideas. It looks like the ideas are a shallow 
 excuse for attention. >>

jImuvqang 'e' vItlhoj.  DaH DuDwI' 'oHbe' pongHeywIj'e'.  qechmey vIchuptaHvIS
jIvIDbe' vIneH.  vuDmey DIngachtaH 'ej yab vIq DIreH, 'ach maSuvchuqbe'.


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