tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Thu Feb 25 09:01:24 1999

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you lost me here...

QIn *Nic* DamughDI' 'e' vItIv 'ach mu'tlheghvam DamughDI' chomISmoH.

I enjoyed your translation of Nic's message, but you lost me on this

> anyway, just had to get it out my system.

QInvam vIlobpa' munuQqu' qechvam. DaH matlhab qechvam jIH je.
this idea really bothered me before I obeyed this message. Now, this
idea an I are independent.

I get the independent part and like the analogy, but the first part
makes no sense unless you mis-typed *lob* for some other verb. If that
is not the case, please explain.


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