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Re: maleng

tlhob ghunchu'wI':

> nuqDaq 'oHtaH "Savannah"-vam?

This is hard to answer in Klingon, so I'll take the easy way for a moment.
It's on the Atlantic coast of Georgia, at the mouth of the Savannah River,
which in those parts forms the border between Georgia and South Carolina.  

>  >...DaH lupovqu'choHmoHtaH 'ej patlh veb luchav.
>  qatlh "Sony Playstation" qelchoH yabwIj? :-/
Dochvetlh vIghovbe'.  bong *commercial* rur'a' QInwIj?  laDwI'pu'wI'vaD latlh
mu'thleghmey vIqawmoH 'e' vIHechbe'.  

Because of Klingon's way of making comparisons, I couldn't find a simpler way
to say "It was already beautiful and they're making it much more so."   If
this sounds sappy or something, I probably shouldn't have insisted on it.


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