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Re: KLBC: 'Iv & nuq

ja' DloraH:
>now with [nuq], used as a question one would expect the pronoun ['oH] acting
>as the verb.  But when used as a name would use the pronoun [ghaH] as the
>Joe states [Daq cha'DIchDaq ghaHtaH nuq]
>confused, Bob asks the question [Daq cha'DIchDaq 'oHtaH nuq?]
>But he figures that one out because Joe used [ghaH]

The question "What's on second" has exactly the same problem in English.
So you have to change the question to be something more ambiguous, like
{Daq cha'DIch beq pong 'oH nuq'e'?}

-- ghunchu'wI'

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