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Re: maleng

ja' charghwI' 'utlh:

>  Okay?

>  It is SO much easier to read if you either simply repeat the 
>  subject, or state it for the first verb and omit it for the 
>  second one, instead of ALWAYS waiting to place it after the 
>  second verb, as you've done at every available opportunity in 
>  this post.
bIlughbej.  maQochbe'.  pIj Qaghvam vIta'. nom QInvam vIgher 'ej nom vI'ol,
vaj Hoch Daqmey Qatlh vItu'be'.   vItu'DI', roD vIlughmoH 'ej mIwlIj vIpab.

cholughmoHDI', choquvHa'moHbe'; choQaHmo', choquvmoH.  qatlho'.

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