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Re: KLBC: 'Iv & nuq

>: << Is it possible for the words {'Iv} and {nuq} to be used in sentences
>:  that are not questions?  I'm trying to translate Abbot and Costello's
>:  'Who's on first' sketch (yes I know, I'm being silly again), and the
>:  comedy value rapidly deteriorates if {'Iv} and {nuq} can only be used as
>:  questions.  >>
>If you assume that {'Iv} and {nuq} are also players' names, much of the
>humor should survive intact, though you would have to rewrite it a little.
>For example (leaving aside how to translate a baseball "base" for the
>moment), {Daq wa'DIchDaq 'Iv?} can only mean "Who's on first?" as a
>question.  If {'Iv} were a name, you would have to say in Standard Klingon:
>{Daq wa'DIchDaq ghaHtaH 'Iv?} using {ghaHtaH} as a link verb, which blows
>the joke.  

Whether 'Iv and nuq is a question word or name, the sentences should be the
'Iv and nuq replace the noun that you're looking for. (p69)
{Daq wa'DIchDaq 'Iv?} needs a verb.

Bob asks the question [Daq wa'DIchDaq ghaHtaH 'Iv?]
Joe answers, giving the name 'Iv [Daq wa'DIch ghaHtaH 'Iv.]

now with [nuq], used as a question one would expect the pronoun ['oH] acting
as the verb.  But when used as a name would use the pronoun [ghaH] as the verb.

Joe states [Daq cha'DIchDaq ghaHtaH nuq]
confused, Bob asks the question [Daq cha'DIchDaq 'oHtaH nuq?]

But he figures that one out because Joe used [ghaH]


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